hE DOES THis all thE TIME 😫😂


Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Bologna, Italy.


Our Lady of Seven Sorrows in Bologna, Italy.

…I know what I want and what I have to do.

Multifandom Challenge (4 of 50) Male Characters » Auron

Legendary guardian? I was just a boy. A boy about your age, actually. I wanted to change the world, too. But I changed nothing. That is my story.


Genre Of The Dead: When Zombies Infected Popular Culture (click for full version)

Another infographic I created for This one was co-written by Thomas Lokhorst, with handwritten lettering by Jason Knudson.

I hope the Old Gods are pleased.

And the World was Gone
Snow Ghosts

the walking dead meme: eight episodes [4/8] : Seed (S301)

I have been trying to reach the Volunteer Coordinator for the Animal Shelter all morning and have been getting no response. It’s pouring horrendously outside so I can’t take a quick trip to the shelter itself and get the answers I need. Why even have a phone number and email listed if you don’t respond to either?

I need to finalize some paperwork and receive directions to orientation. But no, go ahead and make this harder than it needs to be. Sure, why not? Not like I have other shit to worry about that can be put on hold.